iSteam – Travel – Light Blue

//iSteam – Travel – Light Blue

iSteam – Travel – Light Blue


I Steam Travel Light blue:


One of the four colors of the travel version of the I stem products is this light blue Iron. You can easily carry it anywhere with so that your clothes can look proper and you can have the look of being properly dressed up every time. Below are some of the feature, benefits and the potential disadvantages that can be associated with this iron.




The features of I Steam Travel Light blue have been highlighted below:

  1. Lightweight:

I Steam Travel Light blue is just 1 lb in weight, so you can carry it along with you anywhere without facing any problems. It has been specifically manufactured for traveling purposes.

  1. Beautiful color:

One of the prominent features of I steam irons is its beautiful color. The iron that we are talking about here is blue in color. You can very well understand the impact the color can bring to the beauty of your appliance if you’ll have a look at the picture provided along with it.

  1. Powerful capacity:

The capacity of I Steam iron is powerful enough to provide you with even pressure so that your clothes can be properly ironed without requiring you to put additional efforts from your part.

  1. Measuring utensils:

A measuring cup and a spoon have been included along with the I Steam so that you can fill the iron compartments with water and salt and get the amazing steam Iron to work.

  1. Nylon bristles brush:

Nylon bristles brush is the part of the iron. This brush has been specifically included in I Steam Travel Light blue to provide you with a complete package to press your clothes.

  1. Versatile usage:

The use of I Steam Travel Light blue is not limited to clothes only. You can easily use it for the other household items too, including the bed sheets, curtains, and sofa-cloth.

  1. Easy Storage:

The storage of I Steam Travel Light blue is not an issue too. Its compact design makes it easier for the users to store it after usage. Or even in case of traveling, you don’t have to empty much space for this iron.


The pros of I Steam Travel Light blue are mentioned below:

  • Easy storage

  • Optimal for traveling

  • Works on all fabrics

  • It can also work on household items that need ironing as well.

  • It is light in weight

  • Luxurious design and fabulous blue color


No cons have been identified for I Steam Travel Light blue. This is because I steam is made through the best possible technology that can give high power and more efficiency.

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 20 × 9 × 9.5 cm



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