iSteam – Travel – Blue

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iSteam – Travel – Blue


I Steam Travel Blue:


Like all the other versions of the, I Steam iron, this blue color of iron is filled with a number of features that cannot be matched by the other such appliances available in the market. In order to know the features that govern this iron, you can scroll down and read the detailed list of features below, which would definitely compel you to buy this iron as well.



  1. Outlook:

The outlook of I Steam Travel Light blue is phenomenal. You can analyze the finish of this iron, the beautiful color, and the sleek design. Each of these elements is going to signify perfection in the making.

  1. Operational efficiency:

The high pressure, power efficiency and the easy to use nature of the appliance are amongst some of the features that can highlight the operational capacity of this iron.

  1. Usage:

The usage of this iron is possible on all types of fibers because of the nylon fiber brush provided along with it. Moreover, its design is also capable of being used on items other than clothes. Some of such items include sofas, curtains and even table cloth.

  1. Pricing:

The price of I Steam Travel Light blue is optimal when it comes to the features of the iron. The benefits that you can expect through this appliance are far more than the cost, making it one of the best products that you can have for this purpose.

  1. Lifetime Warranty:

Another important feature associated with I Steam Travel Light blue is the lifetime warranty that comes with this appliance. The lifetime warranty allows you to get your item repaired or replaced anytime if it stops working. This warranty is not limited to a few years; rather it is offered for the lifetime.


The pros of I Steam Travel Light blue have been highlighted below:

  • It is lightweight in nature

  • It has a beautiful design and a nice color

  • Lifetime warranty can easily make the usage of the appliance durable and long term.

  • The pricing of I Steam Travel Light blue is optimally providing you with the best results.


With the discussion about a number of pros of the appliance, you can get to know the ways through which it can be used. So, actually, there is no room left for the cons. This is definitely one of the best products that you can buy.

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 20 × 9 × 9.5 cm



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